An Ashstone is a beautiful concrete memorial stone with your pet’s ashes inside.
It is available as a kit where you get to have the experience of making your stone yourself,
or, you can send us your ashes and we will make your stone at our facility and ship it to you.

With either option, you create your personalized memorial design with our online canvas. We can even create a unique silhouette just for your beloved pet.

  • 4 star rating  I watched the online videos as suggested. I mixed pigment with cement mix and added water. I mixed for five minutes and the small amount you pour in the mold was fine. But after adding my dog’s ashes and mixing... read more...

    Heather Avatar Heather

    5 star rating  For over three years now we've held onto ashes from our beloved Gordon Setter. We finally settled on a final resting place for him when Ashstone Memorials presented the idea of incorporating your pet's ashes into a creative stone.... read more...

    Ellyn Krauser Hamilton Avatar Ellyn Krauser Hamilton

    5 star rating  When Maggie died I wanted to create a garden stone using her ashes but didn't feel comfortable sending her ashes to anyone else. So Ashstone was exactly what I was looking for, being able to design and create the stone... read more...

    Heather LaValley Avatar Heather LaValley
  • 5 star rating  Please check out an amazing way to memorialize your beloved pets, through Ashstone Memorials. I am so happy with the outcome. A beautiful personalized stone, with my dogs ashes incorporated into it, now located in a special spot in my garden.

    Lynne Melanson Meyer Avatar Lynne Melanson Meyer

    5 star rating  We have been holding ashes from our dogs in the plain boxes for years! The opportunity to create your own stone to memorialize using the dogs ashes & display anywhere is perfect! We have a small fountain garden... read more...

    Lorraine Messier Avatar Lorraine Messier

How It Works

Designing the Lucy Example Ashstone

Design and Order

You can start with a template, to create something stunning with minimal effort. Or, you can start from scratch, with many different images and fonts to choose from the possibilities are endless. Unlike other pet memorial stones, you can move the text and images around the surface to create truly unique designs that are guaranteed to impress. We add new images regularly, however if you want something specific you can add your own silhouette.

Receive the Ashstone Kit with Your Custom Mold

The heart of our operation is taking your unique design and transferring it to your custom mold. Along with the mold, you’ll receive everything you need to make an Ashstone. This includes: concrete pre-mix, water, stain, sealer and pigment. We do things quickly around here, your kit will be in the mail the next working day.
Unboxed Custom Ashstone Kit

Mix in Your Pet’s Ashes. Pour and Set

The kit comes a bag of high strength engineered pre-mix concrete. To the concrete you mix in your pet’s ashes, the pigment and the supplied water. You mix the concrete in a heavy duty plastic bag, it’s all very clean and tidy.  The Ashstone sets quickly to form a solid and durable memorial stone.

Color, Reveal and Seal

Now here is where the real magic happens. You’ve cast the stone, and it looks great, but now it’s time to make the design pop! First you apply a fast drying stain over the entire surface, then you sand off from the high areas to reveal your design in full contrast. Finally you apply sealer, which both enhances the depth of color and protects the surface for many years to come.
Oh, and by the way, all off the steps, including how to use the designer, are all explained completely in our Guide Video section.


Congratulations! You’ve made you own custom Ashstone! It’s more than just a pet memorial stone, it’s a wonderful new home. You can place your Ashstone inside or out, maybe in that favorite little spot they had? We’d much rather see that, rather than tucked away in a box or pet urn somewhere. Peace.

Four Styles

There are four color options to choose from. For each color option you receive a specific pigment to color the concrete mix, and a stain to contrast the design areas.

Endless Possibilities

Check out these examples of custom designs you can create with the online design tool. No other pet memorial has this level of design flexibility. Try it out! See what you can come up with!

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