An Ashstone is a beautiful concrete memorial stone with your pet’s ashes inside.
It is available as a kit where you get to have the experience of making your stone yourself,
or, you can send us your ashes and we will make your stone at our facility and ship it to you.

With either option, you create your personalized memorial design with our online canvas. We can even create a unique silhouette just for your beloved pet.

      Please check out an amazing way to memorialize your beloved pets, through Ashstone Memorials. I am so happy with the outcome. A beautiful personalized stone, with my dogs ashes incorporated into it, now located in a special spot in my... read more...

    thumb Lynne Melanson Meyer

      For over three years now we've held onto ashes from our beloved Gordon Setter. We finally settled on a final resting place for him when Ashstone Memorials presented the idea of incorporating your pet's ashes into a creative stone.... read more...

    thumb Ellyn Krauser Hamilton

      We have been holding ashes from our dogs in the plain boxes for years! The opportunity to create your own stone to memorialize using the dogs ashes & display anywhere is perfect! We have a small fountain garden... read more...

    thumb Lorraine Messier

      When Maggie died I wanted to create a garden stone using her ashes but didn't feel comfortable sending her ashes to anyone else. So Ashstone was exactly what I was looking for, being able to design and create the stone... read more...

    thumb Heather LaValley

All Things Memorial Stones

The impact of the loss of a pet
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When I was a teenager, we had a lovely cat with beautiful eyes. I remember every afternoon when I returned home from school or from dance lessons, I would stroke my cat gently... Read More

How we make silhouettes
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  You may be wondering how we make our silhouettes for use in our custom stone designer. We offer two types of silhouettes for each dog breed. One is more of a straightforward... Read More