When it comes to preserving the memory of your dog, you have a few choices with what to do with the ashes.

Put the ashes in an urn

Keep the ashes in a box

Scatter them

Bury them

Wouldn’t it be nice to have another option?


With an Ashstone Memorial, you can create a customized concrete memorial stone that incorporates your pets ashes. Place it in your home or garden, and remember your four-legged companion forever.

Design Now

Design you’re own custom memorial stone with our online designer

The process is simple yet intimate

Design & order your stone online

Designing the Lucy Example Ashstone

Receive the kit with your custom mold

Unboxed Custom Ashstone Kit

Mix in your pet’s ashes, add water, pour & set.

Ashstone Casting Process Adding Ashes to Dry Materials

Add a little color & seal it

Lucy Example Ashstone Going Through Sanding or Revealing Process
Lucy Example Ashstone Going Through Sealing Process

Then, the one-of-a kind memorial to your beloved dog is complete

Lucy Example Ashstone in Charcoal Style in Garden for Slider Landscape

Or, if you prefer, you can send us your pet’s ashes and we’ll make the stone for you, and mail you back the finished product.

See what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their Ashstone Memorial: