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Video Stone Creation

We can provide a video of the entire stone making process from de-boxing your pet’s ashes to boxing the finished Ashstone.

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There is a small loss of detail between the crisp screen image and the finished Ashstone. Please try to use bold, easily read text. See our guide video for more help.


Four Styles

There are four color options to choose from. For each color option you receive a specific pigment to color the concrete mix, and a stain to contrast the design areas.

How it Works

We make your Ashstone for you! A good option for those who don’t like the idea of handling their pets ashes, or might not be confident making the Ashstone themselves. You send us your ashes, and we incorporate them into the stone. Sometimes parting with your pet’s ashes can be difficult, so we offer a video service so you can be sure your pet’s ashes go into the stone. It takes us one working week to create your stone.
Designing the Lucy Example Ashstone

Design and Order

You can start with a template, to create something stunning with minimal effort. Or, you can start from scratch, with many different images and fonts to choose from the possibilities are endless. Unlike other pet memorial stones, you can move the text and images around the surface to create truly unique designs that are guaranteed to impress. We add new images regularly, however if you want something specific you can add your own silhouette.

Send Us Your Pets Ashes

We have an option of sending you a special container to return back to us. Or, you can send us your pet’s ashes following our guide.

We Make Your Ashstone

We cast your pets ashes into the stone, and finish the stone. We have the option of filming the stone creation for your records.


An Ashstone is more than just a pet memorial stone, it’s a wonderful new home. You can place your Ashstone inside or out, maybe in that favorite little spot they had? We’d much rather see that, rather than tucked away in a box or pet urn somewhere. Peace.

Endless Possibilities

Check out these examples of custom designs you can create with the online design tool. No other pet memorial has this level of design flexibility. Try it out! See what you can come up with!